How do I register my organization?

      Registering your organization is as easy as 1,2,3..

      Step 1: Gathering information

      In order to make your registration as simple as possible, please have the following information ready:

    • The name of the organization that you would like to be listed under.
    • Choose a password for your organization. This password will be used to authenticate new users that want to join your organization.

      Step 2: Register your organization (View Demo)

    • Go to the Register page and follow the simple instructions on how to enter the required information
    • The administrator for your organization will then need to configure some options for each application to configure the settings to match your organization's requirements.

      Step 3: Registering members of the organization

    • After your organization is registered, each member of your organization can then register themselves as part of your organization by going through the Register page.
    • Just enter their personal information.
    • Then select the option to Sign up as member of a registered organization.
    • Select the organization from drop down list and enter the organization's password.
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